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Greetings! You have landed on the runway of your potential to multiply the abundance of your life many times over…

By connecting with a certified 5 GIFTS Spiritual Prosperity Coach you will be considering ideas of abundance you heretofore have not imagined for yourself. You will lift off from the thinking that you are not enough. Then you will take flight into a new consciousness of being an exceptional center of wealth in the world, while taking aligned actions to become that.

Here is what a certified 5 GIFTS Spiritual Prosperity Coach will do in your coaching partnership:

  • Lead you through a short guided meditation.
  • Listen with his/her heart to your desires and blocks.
  • Prompt your inner wisdom with insightful questions.
  • Offer bold requests that will take your breath away and jolt you into thinking and acting in brand new ways so that you breathe easier and see clearer.
  • Pray with and for you, affirming and confirming your goodness and successfulness.

Check your readiness to call a 5 GIFTS Spiritual Prosperity Coach:

Are you ready to embody the principles of the 5 GIFTS as never before to increase your wealth?

Are you ready to awaken to the many partnerships waiting to serve you now that your giving up trying to “do it all alone?”

Are you ready to feel energetically empowered in new and meaningful ways?

Are you ready to receive an unlimited abundance quotient while stepping up the momentum of your productive actions?

Are you ready to connect with your Self and others more deeply than you ever have in your life?


SPECIAL OFFER from the certified 5 GIFTS Spiritual Prosperity Coaches

Mention this website when you call a certified 5 GIFTS Spiritual Prosperity Coach and receive a complimentary coaching session.

This will make you eligible for the initial
3 month coaching package which includes:

  • Three 30 – 45 minute coaching sessions by phone each month.
  • One monthly call with a group of spiritual prosperity coaches who gather around you, each offering his/her expertise to help move you forward.
  • The Top 10 Ways to be a Prosperous Exception in a World Convinced of a Declining Economy.
  • Weekly Spiritual Prosperity Tips by email for your pondering and empowering.
  • Note: The fee for these three months is set by each coach and includes all of these benefits.

Here are your 5 GIFTS Spiritual Prosperity Coaches to call now:

Richard Imprescia
Richard brings a rich and varied experience to his coaching practice. He has dedicated his life to helping people discover, develop and express their innate potential for embodying abundance, creativity and love. This is the emphasis of his coaching.

Richard has a passion for inspiring people, wherever they are in what ever they are doing, to bring forth their gifts with strength, elegance and precision. 

He has also worked as a project planning and management consultant to large multinational corporations in training, and facilitating small, technical, innovation teams. His work has been global in scope.

In addition to being a certified Spiritual Prosperity Coach, Richard is a member of the International Coach Federation, and makes his home in Austin, Texas. He holds BS and MS degrees in engineering, and a doctor of divinity degree. 512-244-2100

Gayle Dillon, RScP
It really is true - Life Is A Journey - and how you choose to pack for the trip is totally up to you. It matters not where you are on your path or where your path has taken you... I am here to be your coach. If your path has led you to dead-ends and frustrations you are not alone. If your path is one of embracing increasing good, I am here as well to empower your clarity and confidence. I am a fellow traveler committed to help you determine which baggage to leave behind and which bags of fresh contents to pack for your trip of lifetime success.
I have found through my own travels that my purpose is to compassionately assist people seeking a new and different experience along their life's journey. Working with me will give you the tools that enable you to consciously choose what brings you happiness and joy while leaving behind the burdensome items including the "shoulds" that drag you down. I am excited to be with you on this enlightened path while you lighten your load; keeping what serves your journey and releasing what does not.

Charles W. Thomas, Jr. BSEE, MCS, Forgiveness Lay Minister
Charles is a retired engineer with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. At present, Charles is dedicating his time to helping people enrich their Life experience through the practice of forgiveness and spiritual prosperity. His approach to coaching is influenced by his training in science and technology, his affinity for metaphysics and mysticism and his intuitive attraction to the Best-Self that is within all people. His coaching style, while gentle and light, is effective and to the point. 

Charles’ clients, instead of feeling an obligation to take action, feel inspired to new levels of prospering activity. He blends the foundational principles of the 5 GIFTS with his original work, Prosperity’s 12 Affirmations, to offer his clients a rich spiritual context for their expanding experience of abundance. If you would like to see a difference in any aspect of your abundance experience, partner with Charles to transform your previous challenges into rich experiences of prosperity and fulfillment. 

Rev. Marsha K. Lehman, M. Ed., MA is a Masterful Mentor, Passionate Minister, and Fiercely Loving Life Coach.
Marsha is a licensed minister in the United Church of Religious Science and a staff minister at Creative Life Spiritual Center in Spring, TX, presently working remote.

Marsha has been teaching adults for the past 20 years and she has been a Life Coach since 1995. She graduated from Coach U, where she became a coach trainer, facilitating classes in life and business coaching.

As Marsha’s ministry expands and deepens, her desire is to be a contribution to the increased abundance and generosity consciousness of our human race. She believes that everyone deserves happiness, and, it is possible to bring that about…having a world that works for everyone.
Phone: 281-773-4376,

Gay Beauregard
Rev. Gay lives life with a passion for shining her light of love with gaiety and grace...And, she empowers her clients to do the same!  She believes that we are all made with infinite and unlimited potential of the Divine.  Rev. Gay inspires and facilitates her coaching clients to explore and reveal their unique talents and gifts so they may experience true spiritual abundance.

As the Sr. Minister of Alpine Church of Spiritual Living, Rev. Gay provides weekly dynamic Sunday messages, teaches a variety of classes and workshops, performs life ceremonies, counsels and coaches.  She has written a weekly newspaper column for 5 years and is still married to her high school sweetheart of 37 years.  A licensed property and casualty agent specializing in business insurance, all of her clients benefit from her creativity, caring and expertise in  many life arenas.  Her daily delights are singing, cooking, walking and communing with the Divine.  She welcomes you to contact her: - subject: "complimentary coaching session" or the church

Diane Harmony
Living your inspired vision for yourself - beyond what your rational mind expects and accepts - is the reason for us to come together. As the Client, you are ready to take the next leap toward your vision; are open to living outside your comfort zone, and have a deep abiding faith in the Infinite Invisible within you. As your Spiritual Prosperity Coach my role is to ask soul-expanding questions, vision and pray with you, challenge you to stretch and hold you accountable so that you fulfill your deepest desires in every area of your life. 

I bring 12 years of spiritual counseling and hypnotherapy to our relationship. I am the author of the book and prosperity course, 5 GIFTS for an Abundant Life. As an ordained minister of New Thought, I have dedicated the last 7 years to teaching teachers and students the spiritual principles I know from first-hand experience change lives built around lack into ones that express and attract abundance and prosperity. I welcome our transformational time together in a one-on-one series of Spiritual Prosperity coaching sessions or as a member of a small Prosperity Wisdom Circle. We will gather on the phone and over email. Please take advantage of the offer described above and call me at 760-494-4696 or email me at 
Abundant Blessings always.

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